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OK Go: An Audio Visual Treat

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By Kevin Nelson

When OK Go came to Seattle last July, some fans were faced with a terrible decision. They could go see OK Go or The Hold Steady, but not both, since the indie darlings booked the same night and, outside of cloning (or traveling to Portland) there was no way to take in both shows.

Some might have made the difficult Sophie’s choice of one band over the other, but this time, when OK Go takes the Neptune stage on March 24, there will be no tough decisions – there will only be OK Go.

Since that fateful night last July, OK Go has released a new album, October 2014’s Hungry Ghosts, as well as a video fro the song “I Won’t Let You Go.”    

Most people know OK Go as the band that makes insane videos (or, more derisively as “The Treadmill Song band.”) They do indeed make some cracked out videos, but they have the music chops to back them up and “I Won’t Let You Go” is no exception. It features the big concepts the band is known for, executed in a flawless fashion that brings a whole lot of fun to an already poppy song and makes it truly an “experience,” a notion that bassist Tim Nordwind highlighted when I talked to him in July.

An OK Go live show itself is truly an experience as well. The show last July featured optical illusions (“Science is coming!” yelled lead singer Damian Kulash before showing off a Magic Eye-esque visual trick), a segment where the audience recorded vocals for the band’s drum machine and the most militant use of a confetti cannon ever.   

That show clocked in at just under 90 minutes, which probably left OK Go fans salivating for more. And for The Hold Steady fans who missed the show last time? They’re in for an audio visual treat tomorrow night.

OK Go play Seattle’s Neptune Theatre on Tuesday, March 24. White Arrows open. 

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