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Oozing Wound: Assloads of Heavy Riffs

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Oozing Wound – Retrash
Thrill Jockey Recors
By Joel Leavitt

If you’re looking for an assload of heavy, crunchy riffs, look no further than Oozing Wound’s new album Retrash

Imagine you’re sitting in the breakroom at work, playing with your phone, when some guy walks in with a bag of chips.

He sits next to you and begins chomping on what could only be described as the loudest, crunchiest chips of all time. Now visualize that same guy bringing you three bags of these high decibel snacks as well as a six pack of cheap beer. That’s how these guys make me feel.

The music is heavy and loud, just the way it should be. My only complaint is that you can’t understand any of the shouted lyrics. With titles like “Welcome to the Spaceship Motherfucker,” and “Everyone I Hate Should be Killed,” I want to know what this profound motherfucker is saying!

Retrash is an exhibition in powerful brute force, and definitely worth a listen. – (7/10)

Joel also writes for Northern California print magazine Savage Henry.

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