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Optimized for Instant Recall: The New Trick Candles EP

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Trick Candles – Pretend We’re Alone (EP)
By Lance Sobotka

We’ve all listened to an album that changed the way we perceived society, government or the very fabric of reality itself. Pretend We’re Alone, the new EP from Trick Candles…is not that album.

We’ve all had our ears burned by the hot fire of politically activated radicals who gave voice to the voiceless…Pretend We’re Alone, the new EP from Trick Candles…not so much.

We’ve all gotten super high and sexy-danced with our friends to 80’s synth pop and dreamed of having an orgy in a convertible…Pretend We’re Alone, the new EP from Trick Candles, IS the soundtrack to this exact experience.

Fronted by Prisilla Ray and Robbie Luna, the Seattle group will sound instantly familiar to fans of The Cars and Bad English (or Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs if you want a more recent reference point). Beyond familiarity, the precision of each verse, chorus, bridge and harmony is striking. Every bar is optimized for instant recall. You can hum the fucking guitar solos.

Produced by Martin Feveyear (Mark Lanegan, The Presidents of the United States of America), Pretend We’re Alone explores themes of young love and heartbreak in equal measure…and somehow they make it all seem so FUN. The ass-shaking synth swagger in “241”, the lead single from the EP, completely overshadows the jilted love inherent in the lyrics. Trick Candles don’t know how not to have a good time. – (7/10)

Pretend We’re Alone drops April 28. Trick Candles will celebrate its release that night at The Sunset with Dreamcatchr and Fruit Juice.  

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