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Oscars Preview: Best Picture Nominees’ Vegas Betting Odds

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By Paul Broderson, Intern

We have all been there. Whether we’re in line at a coffee shop, chatting in the breakroom, or arguing on Facebook with classmates we haven’t seen in 20 years, the Oscars are this weekend and no one likes to pick a loser.

Even if you don’t plan on spending time watching that shameless debacle, you probably want to have a good idea which film will win. Well, we put our hard working intern, Paul Broderson, to work so you can know the odds and rub it in the face of anyone who dares challenge your knowledge of this year’s nominees. Trust us. This list SLAPS!

The 2023 Best Picture Nominees in order of Vegas betting odds:

Everything Everywhere All At Once -750

The odds on favorite to win is from NadaMucho’s favorite scrappy independent studio A24. There is a legitimate chance that this beautiful film about family, multiple universes and butt plugs will win all the major awards. So, if you are going to actually watch one of the 10 nominees, this is the one. You can read our NON-SPOLIER review here and then head over to SHOWTIME to view it in all its visually stunning, heart-warming glory!

All Quiet on the Western Front +1100

Wanna learn the same lesson taught by every war film for the Nth time? Wanna be reminded that the events of this film still echo today and then get depressed about the war in Ukraine? I didn’t think so. Instead, I suggest you read Peter’s thoughtful review, watch the terrifying tank scene, and skip this film all together. Because let’s face it – you don’t have the time or the bandwidth for any more trauma. Am I right? Those who do have time for more trauma can watch this film on Netflix.

The Banshees of Inisherin +1800

If you were a fan of 2008’s In Bruges then fire up the ol’ HBO MAX after you read this article and give The Banshees of Inisherin a go. If you have no idea what I am talking about, skip Banshees and read our review instead.

Top Gun Maverick +2900

Does anyone even have Paramount +? Well, if you do, it may be worth it to go on a nostalgic Cruise through the danger zone and buzz the tower. It’s probably better to just read our review.

The Fabelmans +2900 

You will have to pay at least $5.99 to stream Steven Spielberg’s latest. I suggest you save your money for a morning coffee the day after you read this scathing review by our very own Tim Basaraba. You can use his critical points to tell the person before you in line that the Fablemans shouldn’t win a damn thing.

Tar +6500

Nobody has Peacock Premium, do they? If on the off chance you do have Peacok Premium, it would be worth it to view Cate Blanchett in all her glory and then kick yourself for not seeing this film in a theater with excellent sound. If, like most people, you don’t have Peacock Premium, read Peter’s review here.

Elvis + 8000

If you are a fan of Elvis, you will either love this film or hate it. If you are not a fan of the King, read this SPOILER FREE review and decide if it’s worth watching on HBO MAX before the Academy Awards this Sunday, March 12.

Avatar: The Way of Water +10000

This film is terrible and it doesn’t deserve to share space with the other nine entrees on this list. If you are a masochist, you can still view this grey-water spectacle in the theater or just read our SPOILER FREE review here.

Triangle of Sadness +10000

For a measly $3.99 you can stream this fun and provocative film. If you have an aversion to vomit… you may want to read our glowing, SPOILER FREE review instead.

Women Talking +10000

For $5.99 you can see some excellent acting and well written dialogue. But, since time is of the essence, read our SPOILER FREE review before giving more money to Jeff Bezos or the descendents of Steve Jobs.

Okay. You just spent 15 minutes reading this article and clicking on a couple of our linked reviews. You have mapped out 1 or 2 films you will actually watch. I’m proud of you. Stick to it and strike up a conversation with some idiot about this year’s Oscars. Our reviews will give you the necessary information needed to walk away feeling superior and avoid any physical confrontations.

We here at do not condone betting, but A24’s Everything Everywhere All at Once is a lock for BEST PICTURE, BEST ACTRESS and BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR. It could even win BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS and BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY. So, parlay that shit and you could buy your own theater just in time to watch some of next year’s Oscar contenders. 

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