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Our EDM Journey Continues: Adrienne on Glitch Mob’s New Video

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Glitch Mob’s second full-length album, Love Death Immortality, will drop on February 11, 2014, and I hear it’s one of the most highly anticipated electronic albums of 2014.

The LA trio released their debut album Drink The Sea back in 2010, and though they’ve released some shorter works since, fans have been awaiting the next full length.

Drink the Sea definitely took an eerier angle on electronic music, with haunting motifs, throbbing bass, and classic high-pitched ethereal vocals swaying in and out of the songs. And I dig weird stuff—weird photos, weird movies, weird songs. I especially love if they have an dark quality that underlies the basic weirdness.

Glitch Mob’s new single “Can’t Kill Us,” the first track released from the upcoming album, keeps the weird angle, and the video they released alongside surely fills that out with some dark, creepy imagery. “Can’t Kill Us” takes the catchy but unimposing synth solos and bass lines from the likes of Drink The Sea and breathes an edgy, hard-to-ignore fire into the song, blowing open what might once have seemed like background music to offer something bigger, wilder, demanding your attention.

Keep your eyes and ears open on February 11 for the release of Love Death Immortality, and watch for tour dates near your city as Glitch Mob hits road with the new beats. I’ll be checking that full-length out when it drops, you can be sure.

In addition to contributing to, Adrienne writes about shows, bands and music on her blog, Reaching Notoriety.

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