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Parhelion: Silian Rail’s Post-Rock Optimism

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Silian Rail
Parks and Records (2010)

By Ben Allen

In a genre that’s become formulaic (long instrumental epics and lots of delayed guitar) Silian Rail is a breath of fresh air. Their second full length, Parhelion, is a definitive statement on the future of post-rock.

As we’ve come to expect from the instrumental post-rock genre (see also Mogwai, see also Explosions in the Sky), Parhelion features some of the most intricate guitar and drum interplay you’ll ever hear, but what sets them apart is the overwhelming feeling of optimism and hope radiates from the band’s songs. This is especially evident on album opener “A Leap in the Light.”

Silian Rail is not afraid of catchy pop hooks, and revisits themes throughout their meticulously arranged compositions. One of the album’s standout tracks, “Death Should Know Better,” is a perfect example. The playing is incredibly technical, but the song is melodic and  accessible enough for non-musicians to enjoy.

Parhelion, the album, lives up to “parhelion,” the greek word, which means “a bright spot on either side of the sun.” It’s a riveting and original piece of work from a band quickly on the rise.- (8.5/10)

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