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Peaks of the (Rest of the) Week: April 17-23

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By Matt Ashworth

Wednesday, April 18
My Goodness @ Barboza 

If we reached quota on two piece, bluesy garage rock bands a couple years back then it’s definitely time to open the category back up for fantastic locals My Goodness. They have great songs and a great sound, and on Wednesday night they play the new space downstairs from Neumos, Barboza.

Thursday, April 19
Perfume Genius @ The Crocodile

Perfume Genius’ “Mr. Peterson” is the most unexpectedly compelling song I’ve encountered in recent memory. It’s a rare low-fi piano ballad that commands you to pay attention. The two other tracks I heard on the Everett, Washington teenager’s debut record were also very good and the new single seems just as memorable. Unique and remarkable stuff.

Friday, April 20
Spanish For 100 @ The Skylark
Super Geek League
@ Showbox at the Market 

Holy musical flashbacks, Batman! Spanish for 100 were one of the first bands to play’s New Music Monday series at the Rendezvous back in about 2003 and I’ve been a fan ever since. They take cues from 90s Indie rock icons like Pavement and Built to Spill as well as earlier guitar-rock pioneers like Neil Young. Definitely one of the better Seattle bands of the last decade that never got a break.

Similarly, the Super Geek League were once part of a small roster of Seattle bands I helped book and promote. Their absurd and brilliant live show features band members – each a super hero with a lengthy back story – in an ever-evolving series of performance art bits and messy shenanigans. A spectacle worth beholding at least once.


Saturday, April 21
Metameric @ The Blue Moon

Every once in awhile you should drink cheap beer and listen to good heavy metal (the Faith No More and Mastodon kind, that is) and Metameric are a new local act that will deliver the latter this Saturday night. Seattle’s oldest (and arguably best) dive bar, the Blue Moon, will handle the former.

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