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Peaks of the (Rest of the) Week: September 20-23

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Thursday, September 20
80’s Invasion @ The Mix  (Georgetown)

I have never given much love to “cover” bands. To me it seems that these are the assholes that give people a reason to dislike like music. Well, last time I saw 80’s Invasion perform they had me singing along to just about every song, thereby turning me into everything I hate. And you know what? It was so much fun. Give your jaded hipster act a break and come down to Georgetown on a Thursday night and sing along.

Friday, September 21
Pony Homie @ The Benbow Room (West Seattle)

Pony Homie is one of my favorite local bands. They bring an electro tip to the Indie rock sound I crave soo much. Come see them in the quaint confines of West Seattle’s Benbow Room before they blow up and start playing bigger stages. Also, newcomer NMERCER opens up and she looks hot in her Facebook profile picture. So, you know, maybe her music is hot too?


Saturday, September 22
The Raveonettes @ Neumos

I have been championing this Danish Duo for more than five years now. Simply put, if you have yet to see them live you are a fucking moron. Sexy, dark and at times full of radiant joy, this is a live musical act that has no equal. They are playing at Neumos which, in my opinion, sounds better than any venue in town. I will see you there. I will be there.

Please read last year’s show preview The Raveonettes: An Overdue Love Letter 

Sunday, September 23
NFL @ Your House

Dispel the myth that smart music lovers can not be sports fans, because that’s bullshit.

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