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Peaks of the Week: April 10-16

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Monday, April 9
Codeine @ The Sunset 
Band of Skulls/We Are Augustines @ The Neptune
Heartless Bastards @ The Crocodile
Radiohead @ Key Arena

Holy balls there are a bunch of great shows in Seattle tonight. Radiohead are this pretentious, arty alt-rock band that all the critics totally love. So that’s a good option if you feel like some arena-sized action tonight.

There’s also the sophisticated garage rock of Heartless Bastards, featuring one of the best vocalists around in Erika Wennerstrom. That show’s over at the Crocodile.

Also, fellow garage rockers Band of Skulls return to Seattle following the release of their excellent sophomore album Sweet Sour. They’re from the U.K. so it might be awhile before they come through town again. Oh, and they’re playing with We Are Augistines, the new band of former Pela frontman Billy McCarthy.

More important than any of these is the fact that seminal Sub Pop band Codeine has reunited and is playing the intimate Sunset Tavern. Their defining album Frigid Stars is cited as the first “slowcore” album, but, silly music jargon aside, it’s a great record full of texture and patient musical payoffs.

Tuesday, April 1
A Gun That Shoots Knives @ The Crocodile

Occupying the same sonic space as renowned absurdist punk rockers like Ween, Captured by Robots!, and Devo, as well as locals like We Wrote the Book on Connectors and the Super Geek League, A Gun That Shoots Knives are a staff favorite that’s been dormant for awhile. Tuesday marks their return to action and the release of their first vinly-only album, Wish you were here… XOXO.

Wednesday, April 11
Odd Future @ Showbox SoDo

This California hip-hop collective has been the subject of much music nerd debate over the past couple years. Brilliant? Or childish, juvenile garbage? I’m undecided myself, but I’ve heard enough of their stuff to notice some incredibly unique beats and rhymes beneath the chaos and cajoling lyrics. And no matter which side of the debate you fall on, this promises to be a highlighly entertaining spectacle.

Thursday, April 12
Champagne Champagne @ Neumos 

Subtler than Odd Future but equally interesting are local hip-hop crew Champagne Champagn, who play Neumos on Thursday. Check this from the KEXP stage at last year’s Capitol Hill Block Party.


Friday, April 13
Social Distortion @ The Paramount
BoatThe Sunset 

It stands to reason that Social Distortion would be washed up and past their prime, but I’m guessing they still bring it. I base this on limited evidence, though I did see the Orange County punk band at the Showbox six or seven years ago and it was almost as good as their early 90s Paramount performance with the Ramones. Their best album, White Light, White Heat, White Trash came later in their career and that material mixes nicely with morsels from those first few records that put them on the map. And the newest stuff, while not as compelling, probably sounds good live too.

If your’e not in the mood for nostalgia, head out to the Sunset to catch one of Seattle’s most underrated bands Boat. These guys consistently release clever, inventive Indie pop with a dry sarcasm and lots of great harmonies and “la la las.” Yum.

Saturday, April 14
Black Nite Crash @ The Crocodile

Black Nite Crash are another great local band that’s never garnered the attention they deserve. For a decade they’ve been releasing shimmering post-punk and new wave style Indie rock. I was bummed they didn’t get the opening slot for Swervedriver last week, so this Crocodile slot with Floater will have to do.

Sunday, April 15
Do Your Laundry @ Home

There’s nothing going on Sunday night that catches my eye. Drop us a line in the comment section below or through Facebook or Twitter if you have a recommendation.

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