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Peaks of the Week: April 30-May 6

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By Tim Basaraba 

Monday, April 30

Terabyte and The Battery Eaters @ The Comet Tavern

I had the pleasure of seeing Terra Marotz open for local starlets Seeing Blind  as a solo act. Now that she has teamed up with some dude she could either a) be twice as good or b) he could drag her down with unwanted testosterone. Either way, her voice and stage antics are a “must see.” Capitol Hill will love her and so does

Tuesday, May 1
The Underwater Tiger @ The Comet Tavern

So now that the Stranger listed the Tiger in their “up and coming” list for this week maybe you will all get off your ass and see the this band do what very few bands in Seattle do: bring the unabashed rock with gravitas and sincerity……Durge!

Wednesday, May 2
The Valley The Comet Tavern
The Soft Hills @ The Sunset Tavern

It has been a couple years since guitar guru Dan Beloit has brought his band the Valley to the stage so it’s worth going to the Comet for a third night in a row on Wednesday. But bring your earplugs, because it will be LOUD. (Full disclosure; I’m the bass player in Dan’s latest incarnation of The Valley.)

Meanwhile, Bagel is headed to the Sunset to see the Soft Hills. Check back Tuesday morning and we’ll tell you why.

Thursday, May 3
Badwater Fire CompanyThe Mix   
Ayron Jones & the Way @ The Rat & Raven

With great vocal harmonies and aggressive, dirty, and sometimes reverb-drenched guitars, the Badwater Fire Company boys are on fire. Come see them at a small club before they blow up.

Several Nada contributors are raving about Ayron Jones & the Way too, including this article from Greg Lehman. Ayron’s at the new U District club the Rat & Raven on Thursday night.


Friday, May 4
The Adam Hick Trio @ Benbow Room

World class pianist and all around good guy Adam Hicks blesses West Seattle with over two hours of stellar music on Friday night. This show is free and the Benbow Room has a fish in the floor, which is awesome.

Saturday, May 5
Oly Music Awards @ Capitol Theater (Olympia)  

These kids in Olympia take their music seriously. For more than three hours Sunday night they will be giving away awards to musicians in such categories as- Indie/Low-Fi, Rock, Metal, Experimental and over 20 more!  The venue is ornate, the city is hospitable …what are you waiting for? Gas up and go!

Sunday, May 6
Day of rest.



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