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Peaks of the Week: July 2-8

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By Tim Basaraba

Monday, July 2
Bone Sickness @ 2 Bit Saloon

What better way to start your week than by watching some Olympia Death Metal in a Seattle at a club you may be afraid to step into?

Tuesday, July 3
Love Battery @ The Funhouse

There is always a band that defines an era but never received the paycheck they deserved. For the early 90s Seattle scene that band is Mudhoney, but a close second goes to Love Battery. Their Between The Eyes EP was one of my favorites as an Idaho youth. If you are feeling nostalgic on a Tuesday night head down to the Funhouse and play some hoops before the show.


Wednesday, July 4
Blow Stuff Up @ USA!

Buy lots of fireworks and blow your hand off you nationalist sheep.

Thursday, July 5
The Torn ACLs @ The Tractor
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies @ The Sunset

One of this city’s most energetic pop rock bands, the Torn ACLs, are a “must see” and now you get to see them in a room known for it’s great sound and snooty bartenders (ok so maybe it was just that one time at the Shonen Knife concert but sheeesh). Download a free Torn ACLs track here.

If you’re feeling more Americana and less pop, check out Kasey Anderson and the Honkies at the Sunset. He’s a hidden Northwest gem of a guy, penning great songs and clever Tweets in equal measure. His latest band, the Honkies, features a bunch of great Seattle musicians like Andrew McKeag (Presidents of the USA) and Mike Musberger (Fastbacks, Posies). Full disclosure: Kasey’s contributed some content to numerous times over the last year too.

Friday, July 6
Not From Brooklyn @The Benbow Room

If you are going to see one show this week make it these Not From Brooklyn kids, who bring electronic indie rock to a whole new level. Plus it’s in West Seattle and it’s free. Double bonus. e!

Saturday, July 7
Prometheus @ Pacific Place

It’s my wife’s birthday so I suggest you send her birthday wishes to her Facebook wall. I will be taking her to dinner and a movie. Prometheus is romantic right?


Sunday, June 8
Kevin Kinney The Tractor

Track 7 “The Innocent” off 1991’s Fly Me Courageous is one of my favorite songs of all time. So maybe I will muster up the courage to see the dude from Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ on a Sunday in Ballard. He’ll be accompaied by R.E.M. guy Peter Buck.

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