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Peaks of the Week: July 9-16

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Monday, July 9
Codeine @ The Triple Door

A Sub Pop recording artist from the early 90s heyday, Codeine made patient hangover music with layered melodies and fuzzy guitars, which the music press called “slowcore.” It’s great that a band like this, which achieved only minor cult status during their 2-album tenure, is able to come back and generate some attention. They deserve it.

Tuesday, July 10
The Young Evils @ Easy Street Records 

Accolades keep piling up for this West Seattle foursome helmed by KEXP DJ Troy Nelson, and deservedly so. They make catchy, jangly Indie pop that references lots of things I like (boy/girl vocal harmonies and catchy hooks to name just two) while still delivering a sound that’s truly their own. “Get Over It,” the standout track from their 2010 debut Enchanted Chapel is a family favorite. At Easy Street Tuesday (and again on Thursday at Barboza) they’ll feature songs from their new E.P. Foreign Spells.


Wednesday, July 11
Steel Panther @ Showbox SoDo

Hair metal is alive and well thanks to Los Angeles band Steel Panther, who amplify that genres’ stereotypes with exxagerated personalities, leather pants and song titles like “Community Property” and “Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin.” Arrive with your tongue firmly planted in cheek, but don’t feel bad if you genuinely dig their set.


Thursday, July 12
Pearly Gate Music @ The Tractor

Zach Tillman’s brother is J Tillman, the former drummer of the Fleet Foxes who has a great new record out as Father John Misty. That’s notable mostly by way of local music trivia, though, given Zach doesn’t need to draft off his brother’s fame. His last Seattle band, Siberian, raised some eyebrows from local tastemakers but never put together a solid recording, and his latest musical incarnation, Pearly Gate Music, was signed to Barsuk Records before anyone knew who they were. Their 2010 self-titled debut was excellent. Here’s a taste.


Friday, July 13
The Spits @ Chop Suey
Frank Ocean @ Showbox Market

We have two very different but equally awesome shows to choose from on Friday night, Seattle. The Spits are a Seattle punk rock instistution; Frank Ocean is the latest soul singer to get the stamp of approval from the Indie set.

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Saturday, July 14
Slack Fest in Stanwood
Atomic Bride & The Valley @ The Comet

Don Slack sure seems like a hell of a cool guy. A KEXP DJ and programming director who’s a consummate supporter of local bands, he’s the only other guy I know who liked the last Whore Moans and Kanye West albums in equal measure. Slack Fest is a festival in his hometown of Stanwood, Washington that features lots of great Northwest bands including country rockers like the Moondoggies and Pipsisewah and loud rock bands like Hounds of the Wild Hunt (the new incarnation of the aforementioned Whore Moans) and Hobosexual.


If you can’t make it up to Stanwood, head to the Comet for dirty surf rock from Atomic Bride and pummeling slabs of guitar rock from the Valley.


Sunday, July 15
Spinning Whips @ The Crocodile

If you don’t make it to Slackfest, you might still have a chance to wish Don a happy birthday at the Crocodile on Saturday night; he was one of the early supporters of Ice Age Cobra, a seriously explosive 70s stoner rock band that had a successful run in the last half of the 2000s. Frontman Jordan West has since launched another great heavy rock band called the Spinning Whips, who play Sunday at the Crocodile.


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