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Peaks of the Week: June 11-17

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Monday, June 11
Torche @ Studio Seven
Japandroids @ Neumos

Heavy, yet melodic, and with Karp-sized riffs, these boys from Miami will melt your face, which is way better than getting your face eaten.

Over at Neumos the latest two-piece rock band to get the critics salivating, Japandroids, will play songs from their new release Celebration Rock.

Tuesday, June 12
Japanther @ The Rendezvous

I have no idea how the Rendezvous lured art rock weirdos Japanther to their stuffy little theater, but they did. Show up early because even on a Tuesday this should sell out quickly. And this will be a cool show.

Wednesday, June 13
Power Skeleton The Rat & Raven

Power Skeleton is one of my favorite bands to introduce to my friends. That’s because Power Skeleton confuses and perplexes said friends to the point of them questioning our friendship, which is great because I need to get rid of a few friends. On Wedensday Tobias Cron and the gang will perform an “Improvised scoring” of the film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. This should add a whole new level of confusion to the night’s proceedings.

Thursday, June 14
PonyhomieThe Mix   

If the song “Garbage Trucks” is any indication of what we can expect from Ponyhomie at a live show, than count me among the faithful to head to Georgetown on a Thursday night. Checking out these TV on the Radio-esque kids will be worth the drive.

Friday, June 15
The Nightcaps @ The Crocodile

Every once in awhile, go see a band you know nothing about. I’m not sure if I like the Nightcaps music yet, but their Facebook cover photo is rad and Seattle hip-hop on a Friday night in Belltown sounds kinda fun. I’m going to go check out some of their cuts on Souundcloud now.

Saturday, June 16
Stay TunedThe Mix      

I shit you nott, Faithful Reader, but the last time I saw Stay Tuned a guy in the audience yelled “AIRWOLF!” at the top of his lungs 40-50 times and eventually fell over, sending multiple pints of beer to the floor. The band never acquiesced and played the theme to the 1980s military helicopter television drama, but they did do:

Laverne & Shirley
Who’s the Boss?
Growing Pains
The Munsters
The Facts of Life
Silver Spoons
G.I. Joe
Sesame Street
The A-Team
Family Ties
The Golden Girls
Gilligan’s Island

Maybe this weekend is our chance to hear what, for one fan, is the best television theme song ever?

Sunday, June 17
The Dandy Warhols @ Showbox Market

Apparently, some people like this band. Some of them even write for

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