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Peaks of the Week: June 4-11

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With all the graduation parties, vacations, festivals and tours going on this week it might be easy to miss some of the week’s nightlife highlights. As such, I present to you my first contribution to’s weekly “Peaks of the Week” series.

Monday, June 4
Open Mic @ The Comedy Underground

If you haven’t been to a comedy open mic in Seattle, it’s time you went.  We have some of the best comedic talent in the country, including Derek Sheen, who will be hosting Monday night and then recording his first DVD beginning on Thursday.

Tuesday, June 5
Stay Home @ Your House

Stay home on Tuesday and rest of up for the final weekend of Noise for the Needy, a great local festival that’s raising money this year for the Seattle Community Law Center.

Wednesday, June 6
Chain & The Gang @ The Neptune

On Wednesday you can head to the Neptune Theater to check out Chain & The Gang, the the latest project from D.C. indie rock luminary Ian Svenious (Nation of Ulysses, The Makeup.)


Thursday, June 7
Derek Sheen @ The Comedy Underground
Noise for the Needy @ Various Seattle Venues

Other than Derek Sheen at the Comedy Underground, we have the second weekend of Noise for the Needy beginning on Thursday.  This amazing event kicks off with David J from Bauhaus and Love and Rockets at the Tractor Tavern. Get information on the rest of the NFTN lineup, which includes The Duke Spirit, Viper Creek Club, and The Young Evils, on the organization’s website.

Friday, June 8
Metameric @ The 2 Bit Saloon
Shannon Stephens @ The Sunset

Superb prog rock band Metameric play the 2-Bit saloon Friday night with Shiplosion and Thou Shalt Kill.

If you are more into the “singer/songwriter with a full band thing,” then the Shannon Stephens CD release show at the Sunset with Cataldo and Henry at War is right up your alley.

Saturday, June 9
History for Sale @ Jet Bar (Everett)
The Beautiful Sunsets
/ At the Spine @ The Sunset
The Glass Notes @ The Rogue & Peasant

If you just want to get out of town on Saturday, then I encourage you to head up to Everett and catch a fairly well-known north end band at the Jet Bar, a remodeled airport.  With enough progressive rock to sound like Rush and delicate sweet pop goodness to draw comparisons to U2, History for Sale are worth the drive.

If you just want to get out of town this weekend, then I encourage you to head up to the Jet Bar, an old reworked airport.  With enough progressive rock to sound like Rush and delicate sweet pop goodness to draw comparisons to U2, History for Sale is worth the drive.

Or stay the hell in town and go over to the Sunset for a huge Double CD Release and  for At The Spine and The Beautiful Sunsets.  It is always a party with those characters and Saturday will be extra special, since it’s front man Mike Spine’s birthday party as well.

Or head over to The Rogue and Peasant to see Robb Bensen’s (Nevada Bachelors, Dept. of Energy) new project the Glass Notes. They are taking a break from recording their album to play one night only.  You can thank them for doing so by showing up and being awesome.

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