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Peaks of the Week: March 26 – April 1

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Monday, March 26
Of Monsters & Men @ The Neptune Theater

One of the first thing my daughters did when I got home from ten days in Austin for SXSW was sing a duet of “Little Talks” by Icelandic band Of Monsters & Men. We’d been playing the song a lot before I left (after seeing it on KEXP’s Youtube channel) and they heard it on the radio a bunch of times while I was gone. It’s a great, great song and my daughter’s performance was totally adorable, but I’d be curious to see how they rest of the band’s catalogue sounds. It seems like they have just enough mystery and some of that intangible coolness that helps bands like this stay out that “adult contemporary Indie rock” crevasse that’s claimed countless bands before them.

Tuesday, March 27
Point Juncture WA @ The Comet Tavern

These creative and multi-talented cats live together in a house they purchased as a band and jointly own. Rumor has it they grow their own food and camp when they are on tour. Their music is dreamy, layered and often quite lovely.

Wednesday, March 28
The Ting Tings @ The Showbox

I adore this band. A British two piece featuring one cute girl and one foxy boy, both of whom sing well and play lots of instruments. These activities result in dead-cool, dancey indie pop music that everyone in my family likes. I really wish they were doing an all ages show so I could take my daughters. Instead I’ll have to pick up a copy of their brand new album Sounds From Nowheresville, the long-awaited follow up to their excellent 2008 debut We Started Nothing.

Thursday, March 29
Thee Satisfaction (Album Release) @ Neumos

Seattle Hip-Hop act Thee Satisfaction, who’ve continued to earn local fans and respect since gaining national recognition in MTV’s $5 Cover: Seattle in 2010, celebrate the release of their first full album awE naturalE on Thursday. Come see why they are the latest addition to Sub Pop’s growing list of adventurous hip-hop acts.

Friday, March 30
Megafaun @ The Tractor
Ravenna Woods @ Vera Project

I’ve never heard Megafaun, but a couple of Nada contributors expressed an interest in their show at the Tractor Tavern this week. Their press kit says they “make timelessness urgent.” We’ll report back on that next week.

Conversely, I have heard Ravenna Woods and seen them perform. Seattle is full of Indie folk bands these days, but I don’t know of any others who stand at the drum kit and sing such interesting, haunting harmonies. Truly interesting stuff.

Saturday, March 31
Helms Alee/Thrones @ The Comet Tavern

Saturday Seattleites can choose between the compelling folk rock of Denver’s the Lumineers, who get the nod as “surprise hit of the Capitol Hill Block Party 2011,” or the heavy riffage of Helms Alee and avante-garde noise of Thrones. Both are good options.

Sunday, April 1
Ayron Jones & The Way @ The High Dive

Nada contributor Greg Lehman is jazzed about meeting these guys when they won the EMP’s Sound Off! battle of the bands recently and, though I’m skeptical of blues musicians born after 1945 in general, I’m thinking of giving them a try. We’ll get Greg to share more about Ayron Jones & The Way guys before their High Dive show on Sunday.

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