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Peaks of the Week: May 7-May 13

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By Matt Ashworth

Monday, May 7
Father John Misty @ Neumos

A lot has happened for J Tillman since he played a couple of showcases and interviewed with me in 2005. He toured the world and performed on Saturday Night Live with the Fleet Foxes during their quick ascension from local darlings to SPIN cover boys; released a couple of good solo albums under his own name; left the Fleet Foxes at the height of their popularity; rebranded himself as Father John Misty; and put out a new album on Sub Pop. Whew.

I’m bummed I won’t be able to see his Neumos show tonight because I’m out of town. I adore that “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Songs” song that keeps popping up on music blogs and like what I’ve heard of the new album and band so far. Let me know how this one goes.

Tuesday, May 8
The Black Keys @ Key Arena

The Black Keys are the real deal, boasting unique and varied songwriting, soulful playing and singing, and sweaty, lively performances. It took awhile for me to warm to the duo, who originally seemed like “just another two piece blues rock band,” but their last two albums (and guitarist/singer Dan Auerbach’s solo album Keep it Hid) won me over completely with their mix of soulful rock and timeless pop.

Wednesday, May 9
Hounds of the Wild Hunt @ Barboza

The pictures Neumos owners have been posting of Barboza, the new 200 capacity showroom downstairs from the club’s main show room, look amazing. It’s probably worth stopping by regardless of who’s playing, but the new space makes this week’s Peaks of the Week three times thanks to some great opening month bookings.

Wednesday sees staff favorites Hounds of the Wild Hunt take the new Barboza stage as their new album is readied for release. As the Whore Moans, these dudes quickly became my favorite Seattle band thanks to their anthemic punk sound infused with elements of country and metal. This preview of their forthcoming Hounds of the Wild Hunt debut hints at something even more epic.


Thursday, May 10
Beach Fossils @ Neumos

Go see Beach Fossils Thursday at Neumos if you like pretty, low-fi Indie rock that sounds like it belongs on Olympia’s K Records. Which you should, because that kind of music is delightful and charming and clearly demonstrates your good taste in popular music.

Friday, May 11
Imperial Teen @ Barboza

Imperial Teen, the mid-90s band lead by Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottoms, are long-time favorite. Their debut Seasick is a classic slice of cool, catchy alternative college rock and subsequent releases are peppered with memorable singles like “Yoo-hoo.” I caught their set at Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop for KEXP’s live broadcast from SXSW and the played a few old favorites alongside tracks from their new album Feel the Sound, which also sounded pretty good. Once you get past the fact that they look more like PTA meeting attendees than rock stars, it will be hard not to enjoy this show.

Saturday, May 12
The Maldives & The Moondoggies @ The Tractor
Sleepy Sun
@ Barboza
X @ The Showbox

Huge night for music in Seattle. The city’s two most iconic alt-country bands – the lush, full sounds of the Maldives and the Moondoggies’ tasteful recasting of the Band – perform together at the nation’s premiere outlaw country bar, the Tractor Tavern. Over at the Showbox there’s a little band called X, and, the aformentioned Barboza has San Francisco’s Sleepy Suns. I caught the latter at SXSW this year and, while they aren’t going to do anything you haven’t heard before, they put on one hell of a good psychedelic rock show. Great players, good presence and atmospherics and some really solid garage rock songs.

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