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Photo Set: BRONCHO @ Chop Suey

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BRONCHO @ Chop Suey
June 17, 2016
Words and Photos by Casey Brevig

Chop Suey was packed and brimming with anticipation on June 17  as the final touches were added to the stage before Indie rock group BRONCHO started their set.

Once the fog machine kicked in and the group, whose track “Class Historian” showed up in several 2015 end-of-year lists, walked on stage the crowd riled right up with a unanimous scream.

The dim, red, backlit setting was perfect for the intensity of the group, though it made them somewhat challenging to photograph. The passion of the lead singer Ryan Lindsey,which brought the crowd to a frenzied mosh pit at the front of the stage, shows up in some of the images below. As you’ll see below, black and white look was the best fit to visually describe what I experienced.

Click on the image below to see more of Casey’s photos on our Flickr page:

Broncho @ Chop Suey in June 2016. Photo by Casey Brevig for

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