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Photo Set: Django Django @ Neumos

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Django Django Live @ Neumos
April 23, 2018
Seattle, Wash.
By Jason Murray

Django Django are a “psychedelic electric rock band” from Britain that’s touring on its recently released album, Marble Skies. With a sound that’s not exactly like anything I’d heard before, I jumped at the chance to make them them the subjects of my first photo set for

On April 23 at Neumos in Seattle, the group had a lot good energy and really played well to the crowd. Their harmonies mixed with mid-tempo melodies and Devo-like syncopation had people bobbing their heads in anticipation, or full-on busting out dance moves.

If you’re not familiar with the band’s music, their 2015 track “First Light” is a great place to start.

I’m not super familiar with Django Django’s catalogue, but enough to know that they did a great job of intertwining songs from previous albums with their new material. Though far from homogeneous, their songs created a congruent atmosphere that stayed with me even after their performance ended.

But I’m a photographer not a concert reviewer, so let’s get to the photos of the band and a opener Ofelia K. (Fellow photographers, would love any comments/tips in the comments section below.)

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