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Photo Set: Grieves at the Crocodile

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Grieves Live @ The Crocodile w/ProbCause
Novemer 3, 2017
Words and Photos by Stephanie Oster

Earlier this month, Seattle-based hip-hop artist Grieves played a sold-out show to high-energy crowd at his iconic home-town venue the Crocodile.

Throughout his set, the 33 year-old MC commented on how good it was to be back in Seattle, taking time to reminisce about his start in small venues, voice appreciation for his hometown fans, and remark on how far he’s come. It was a refreshing amount of personal reflection from a performer of his caliber, and his loyal fan base reciprocated Grieves’ appreciation by constantly moving and singing along.

The make-up of the crowd made for a nice analogy for Grieves’ genre-bridging music as well: there were hip-hop folks, tech folks, old folks, young folks, even some more hippie outdoorsy looking folks. To everyone’s delight, the set included a mix of old and new songs with guest appearances from supporting artists on his 2017 album Running Wild, out now on Rhymesayers.

Adding to the celebratory vibe of the evening was Grieves’ high-energy performance and beautiful stage lighting. Here are some of my favorite shots from the night.

See more of Stephanie’s photos of Grieves and ProbCause on our Flickr page.

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