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Photo Set: Grizzled Mighty, Young Evils & Ever So Android

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Words by Tim Basaraba
Photos by Frida Ray & Pauline Basaraba  

It was nice to see the Tractor Tavern – one of the city’s best mid-sized clubs, which features droves of great touring acts –play host to three local bands on a Saturday night earlier this month. The place was packed early and stayed packed all night on May 2, with a triple-headed monster of a bill featuring three great acts at the peak of their rise to… um….somethingness. The bill included blues rock duo The Grizzled Mighty; catchy rockers The Young Evils; and the aggressive electro-rock of Ever So Android.

Those familiar with ESA probably noticed the increased volume with the addition of a live drummer and bassist Bill Rieflin (KMFDM, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Pigface) who produced the group’s forthcoming record.

The Young Evils took their time setting up but it was well worth it. Mackenzie Mercer’s voice was prominent in the mix, right where it should be, and they played an inspired set before headliners The Grizzled Mighty dazzled the crowd with tracks from their great 2015 release Closed Knuckle Jaw.

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