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Photo Set: High On Fire @ El Corazon

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Words and Photos by Travis Trautt

Walking up to the High On Fire show January 21 at El Corazon, I noticed a ton of gutter punk girls with huge Mohawks and tons of spikes. Clearly this was going to be a rough, tough show.

I didn’t arrive until 10 minutes before the Oakland metal band was scheduled to take the stage, so navigating through the crowd was no easy task. Not surprisingly, the entire floor was a mosh pit within the first three songs, so I had move out to find another location to shoot.

I’d never seen HOF, but am a long-time fan of front-man Matt Pike’s previous band Sleep. Following this great show I can confidently report that he’s still a glorious madman.

Click the image below to check out more of Travis’ pictures on our Flickr page.

High On Fire @ El Corazon

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