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Photo Set: Megadeth @ The WaMu Theater

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Megadeth with Amon Aarth
WaMu Theater, Seattle
Sept. 27, 2016
Words and Photos by Travis Trautt 

What an awesome experience to shoot photos of legendary metal band Megadeth, who took the stage at WaMu Theater Sept. 27 wtih tremendous energy and proceeded to tear through a great mix of old and new songs.

The sound at the WaMu theater was amazing – perfect for a metal show – and the group’s high-production lighting and stage presentation made the whole thing feel even more epic. I was at home among a crowd of current and former metalheads, which included classic long-hairs, sleeveless shirts, and leather jackets, as well as some teens…. Teens who assuredly have very cool parents.

Opener Amon Aarth but on a great show as well, performing in front of what looked like a Viking ship. Here are my favorite shots from the night.

Click the image below to see more of Travis’ Megadeth and Amon Aarth photos on our Flickr page.

Amon Aarth @ WaMu Theater by Travis Trautt for NadaMucho (17)

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