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Photo Set: Nao @ The Showbox Market

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Nao Live in Seattle 
Jan. 13, 2019 
Showbox @ The Market 
Words and Photos by Maurice Harnsberry

UK artist Nao came to Seattle on her second stop of her Saturn tour and I it was the best trip I’ve been on in awhile. Flanked by a band consisting of drums, guitar and bass, the singer and songwriter performed with an infectious energy and an amazing voice that mesmerized the crowd.

For a relatively new artist, it was great to see everyone at the Showbox singing along to her songs, word for word. I even caught myself singing along (don’t judge me, LOL.) After we got over the shock of excitement, we all felt the love when the performer, who’s real name is Neo Jessica Joshua, came down and performed in the middle of the crowd.

If you’re unfamiliar with this performer, I recommend you check out her latest album, also called Saturn, below… right after you check out some of my favorite photos from the show.

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