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Photo Set: Nick Waterhouse @ Neumos

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Nick Waterhouse / Acapulco Lips @ Neumos
September 27, 2016
Words and Photos by Tori Dickson

Late last month LA based retro-soul singer Nick Waterhouse played Neumos. Local band Acapulco Lips opened and got the crowd warmed up with their loud, upbeat, garage surf rock. “They’re fun!” I heard crowd members discuss between sets. I’d agree.

When Waterhouse got on stage with his Tartots he owned the place with his slicked hair, thick-rimmed glasses, and vintage suit. He plays the part perfectly: between his sound and his appearance, you’d have no idea he was a modern musician.

Waterhouse’s music is straight 60’s soul but a soul sound that’s still all his own. There’s almost an eeriness to it. With honking horns, sultry organ solos, sassy back up harmonies, and his raw lead vocals he creates a compelling mix of jazz, soul, and something else that I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe do-wop? Maybe rock? Or maybe it’s just Nick Waterhouse?

At Neumos, Nick played a few songs from older albums and a bunch from his new one, Never Twice, which came out September 3. With each album he manages to keep the same ambiance but push it’s limits more and more. I highly recommend you spend some time listening to Waterhouse as soon as you can, and definitely catch his show next time he comes through. It’s the kind of show that will take you back in time and get your booty shakin’.

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