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Photo Set: Odesza @ The Paramount

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Words and Photos by Kyle Davis

Walking into the Paramount to shoot the Odesza concert on Dec. 6, I knew this was big. The fact that the duo, consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, managed to sell out FOUR shows told me that much. But it wasn’t until I was inside that I realized just how big ODESZA is these days. They filled the large, beautiful venue to capacity with fans anxious to see them on their homecoming tour.

The night started with up and comer Big Wild, who managed to get the whole crowd on their feet. Second act Bonobo did not disappoint either, but you could tell the crowd was anticipating the headliners.

As Harrison Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight took the stage, only their silhouettes visible, the crowd erupted with applause and cheers. As the two performed, their show aided by dancing, a surplus of fog, lots of lights, and impressive visuals on the back displays, they never once lost the attention of the crowd. The group also seemed to know that their audience would love hearing “We’re from Seattle!” … So they mentioned it a lot.

(Kyle Davis is a new contributor covering all ages shows around town. Check out more of his photos from the Odesza show on our Flickr page.) 

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