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Photo Set: The Paper Kites

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Words and images by Tori Dickson 

The Paper Kites are apparently the new teen girl dream; the Crocodile was overflowing with young females at this all ages show on November 17.

At the start of each song, squeals of excitement filled the venue. Any time frontman Sam Bentley threw a hint of humor at the crowd, the girl next to me would laugh much too loudly as if she hoped that maybe, if she laughed loud enough, he would notice her and instantly fall in love. (I know that sounds absolutely insane but this is really how teen girls think. Trust me, I used to be one). But who was to blame her? Bentley oozed Aussie charm from the stage with his accent and his quips and his heartfelt songs.

The band was excited to be in Seattle, where they recorded their new album, Twelvefour, claiming it as their new home.

“We’re from Seattle, now”… “We’re glad to be home” Bentley would repeat throughout the show.

We were glad you’re home too, Paper Kites, please stay.

See Tori’s full set of photos on our Flickr page

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