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Photo Set: Ty Segall @ The Neptune

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Ty Segall / CFM / Bread and Butter
Live @ The Neptune
Jan. 21, 2016
Words and Photos by AJ Dent

Seattle band Bread & Butter kicked the Neptune Theater’s curtain apart on the evening of Jan 21, infatuating the all-ages crowd. I’ve never heard “I love you!” yelled so many times at a night’s opener.

CFM then filled the stage with smoky psych jams, happily surprising everyone I talked to that night (who, along with me, had been unsuccessfully Googling the band’s name before their appearance).

After a long, almost unfashionably late arrival, Ty Segall made the audience forget how to do anything but attempt to avoid his drool, crowdsurf like flopping fish, and gape at his ever-odder standup-routine-meets-weirdo-rock-show. Some guy behind me asked his buddy at one point, “Is this a concert or a therapy session??” Dude, it’s both.

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