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Pop Can Be Weird: !!! @ The Crocodile

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!!! (Chk Chk Chk) / Stereolad / Zoolab
Live @ The Crocodile in Seattle 

Tuesday, Dec. 1 2015 
Words by Justin Jensen
Photos by Lynae Cook 

“We believe pop can be weird,” quoth !!! front man Nic Offer – and he proved it – last Tuesday at the Crocodile in Seattle.

Exhibit 1: An “opening act” consisting of !!! as a Stereolab cover band (Stereolad).

Exhibit 2: Offer’s unbeatable stage presence. From punk rock voguing to dancing atop the crowd to methodically boogie-ing his way through the crowd during one of a few extended jams.

Exhibit 3: The entire first half of their set, from Scissor Sisters-esque falsetto to another costume change to funky live bass seamlessly transitioning to proto-dance-punk, e.g.


Exhibit 4: The entire last half of the set, from an extended keyboard solo through Offer and guitar/keyboardist Rafael Cohen swapping roles (vocals & keys) until Offer’s return via extreme vocoder (think: T-Pain) drowning progressive house jams until two sets of drummers take over for a very tribal 10 plus minutes.

There are few bands that merit comparison to !!! (Big Audio Dynamite maybe?) and I am happy to report their unique energy is wildly apparent in their live show. In fact, it cannot be fully contained in a studio album. If you have ever enjoyed even one !!! track, you owe it to yourself to indulge in their fun, weird, live pop experience.

Offer as Stereolad @ The Crocodile by Lynae Cook for Nada Mucho

Offer as Stereolad

See more of Lynae’s photos from this show on our Flickr page. 

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