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Portland’s Eternal Tapestry: Some Trippy, Far-Out Stuff, Man

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Eternal Tapestry
A World Out of Time
Thrill Jockey Records
By Leah Brzezinski

Reality got you down? Well, strap on your favorite tie-dyed shirt and Portland’s Eternal Tapestry will have you seeing fractals and dancing badly with yourself in a corner in no time.

This is some trippy, far out stuff, man. Heavy on guitar effects, rolling drums and cymbals, and some pretty badass organs, the eight songs on “A World Out of Time” flow into one another and create a surreal, psychedelic soundscape that rolls out like, uhh, a tapestry, or like viewing a Salvador Dali painting on acid.

Highlights are the spacy introductory jam, “When I Was in Your Mind”, followed immediately by the harder, shorter “Planetoid 127.” The final (and only non-instrumental) track, “Sand Into Rain,” is a clear homage to Pink Floyd, and hearing a tinny, alien whisper is a strangely apropos way to break their trance and bring yourself back to reality—not so bad after all, is it now?
– (6/10)

Leah’s review also appeared in the print edition of Savage Henry, a music and culture magazine in Northern California.


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