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Premiere: Aaron Semer’s “Son of the Morning Star”

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Today we exclusively premiere Aaron Semer’s “Son of the Morning Star,” the first song on his new album Love Amidst Collapse, which is scheduled for a December 10 release on Knick Knack Records, the same date Aaron will celebrate with a performance at Conor Byrne in Ballard.

Of the song, Semer (who’s lead and performed with a host of great Seattle bands including the Plains, the My My Hey Heys and Marmot vs. Mammoth) says: “that’s the name Native Americans called Custer. I had been reading about Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull and I kept imagining how they would view America today. Since the album is inspired by the collapse of Western society, I imagined them singing out to Custer’s ghost. Essentially, ‘you may have won for awhile, but our ways will be coming back.'”

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