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Premiere: “Acid Reflux” by Roy Rodgers

Posted by February 16th, 2017 1 Comment »

By Paul Broderson, Intern

Hey all you crazy fuckers: Quick heads up that Seattle band Roy Rodgers will be releasing a full length record titled if you can’t feel the markers then you better believe on March 17 via BIG BLDG RCRDS and Blind Blind Tiger. Today we are premiering a song from it which is called “Acid Reflux.” Acid Reflux is a total bitch if you have it, but this song kind of floats along in a trippy psych-rock keyboard kind of way. I can generally do without the unconventional time structures but they keep that shit in check until the vocals come in, which are lovely and might just serve as musical Prilosec.

The group says they’ll have a “shit ton of vinyls and some odds and ends merch in early March,” including a cassette with the aforementioned BBT who will also handle digital distribution. The record was recorded at the Unknown Studio in Anacortes. Finishing touches at Telegraph Mastering in Portland, Ore.

I haven’t listen to the rest of the record yet, but this first track seems like rad shit.


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