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Premiere: Bring On the Drugs’ “a681038”

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As we’ve mentioned before, has always been prone to appreciating mystery, so when #41for2016 artist @BringOnTheDrugs sent us a link to their (his? her?) first video to “premiere” back in April we did it, no questions asked. It’s a cool, funky track.

Maybe we should have asked some questions?

Like, “who is this apparent homeless person and why is their footage of them suffering while the uncomfortable electronic music that is ‘a689006’ plays in the back ground?” Or “what do the words on the left side of the video mean?” “Is the image on the right side of the video a chemical compound?” “Why is the imagery and the sounds so late 90’s tech?” Lastly, “why the fuck do we care?”

Well, we started a dangerous precedent because BOTD sent us another email, this one asking us to premiere their second video, “a681038,” and this time we had some moral conundrums about doing so. Is the artist saying something about prescription drug culture and the wake of lost souls it has left? Or are they using a naked homeless man that appears to be walking Western Ave in Seattle to mock and poke fun of the less fortunate? We’ll let you decide. Either way, we’re still digging the sounds and intrigued by the mystery.

BOTD has release two additional 3-song “EP’s” since they reached out to us early this year. The latest Bring ON The Drugs Once More was also release today to coincide with their disturbing/thought provoking video and is available on BandCamp.

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Premiere: Bring On the Drugs’ “a689006”

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