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Premiere: Northwest Favorites Aline & Wes Reflect on 2020 with Armageddon of Love EP

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Aline & Wes – Armageddon of Love (EP)
By Nada Staff  

Listen to Armageddon of Love through the group’s Distrokid page.

Today we debut the October 2 release of Armageddon of Love, the new EP from soulful Seattle rock duo Aline & Wes. The 5-song EP is the band’s first release since their rabid fanbase voted their Lavender Lemonade album to the top of Northwest Music Scene’s top local albums list of 2019, alongside other regional rock giants like Thunderpussy and the Black Tones.

According to Aline (Vida) and Wes (Speight), Armageddon of Love is a reflection of the craziness that is the year 2020.

“Since this year has been such a wild one, and all of our shows are and were canceled, we decided to shift our focus to finishing and recording new songs,” Speight says.“We are all forced to realize that we are on this earth together, and we felt it was our job to share our introspection musically.”

Aline & Wes create a familiar, comforting sound for those well-versed in the history of rock ‘n roll; what sets them apart from other duos is their desire to speak out about social injustices and complex relationships in equal measure. Lavender Lemonade’s subject matter, in particular, was inspired by the group’s belief in social activism.

“With Armageddon of Love, a host of themes and emotions came to mind when we were writing the songs,” Vida offers. “The songs include elements of philosophical ideation, romance, perseverance, and conflict.”

In addition to the Northwest Music Scene accolades, Lavender Lemonade garnered positive reviews and airplay from DJs such as Marco Collins of KEXP, Cheryl Waters of KEXP, Steven Graham of 107.7 The End, and Kevin Diers of KISW.

Here’s the lyric video for “You Own Nothing,” the first song on Armageddon of Love. Buy, stream and enjoy the full album here.

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