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Premiere: Richie Dagger’s “Ageless” Remix

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By Patrick Galactic

Editor’s note: In addition to contributing to, Patrick Galactic hosts a weekly live music and arts streaming show on Twitch called Weird At Night.

Richie Dagger’s Crime has long been one of my favorite artists. Formed around the creative singularity of one Richie Nelson, RDC has evolved conceptually and tonally over time. Once a Seattle transplant from Chicago, Nelson now resides in Atlanta. But his presence in the Northwest remains, as his newest release, a remix of my song “Ageless,” appropriately titled “Ageless (RDC Remix)” has received steady airplay on KEXP. Today we are pleased to premiere the music video here.

Whereas my original track is a gentle, piano-lead, nihilist dirge, Richie Dagger’s Crime recontextualizes the narrative with a faster, more frenetic pace. Pitching my original vocals slightly up, Nelson creates a vast, child-like sense of delirium. Laden with a variety of string textures, the track presents an alternating sense of menace and purity simultaneously.

Like the song itself, the music video is a remix of my original, both animated by visual artist MD Jenkins. The addition of glowing yellows and reds enhances the dream-like quality of Nelson’s arrangements. Whereas my original feels detached and void-hungry, “Ageless (RDC Remix)” uses the same words, vocals, and piano against a beautifully layered, vibrant mix of moods and soundscapes. The end result is a feverish, anxiety-ridden rendition that sounds oddly hopeful at times.

As a songwriter, my hope when I release music is that people will connect with it. Richie Dagger’s Crime not only found the connection, he reverse-engineered it, adding contrast to the original, generating power and movement even I didn’t know the song had.

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