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Preview: Breathe Owl Breathe Bring Musical Kids Books to the Tractor

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Breathe Owl Breathe
“The Listeners” and “These Train Tracks”
Live @ The Tractor Tavern
February 23, 2012
By Derek York

Breathe Owl Breathe are coming through town to perform at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard on February 23.  That part seems normal enough; lots of bands cruise into Seattle when they have an album they are on the road supporting.

The difference here is that Breathe Owl Breathe is touring in support of front man Micah Middaugh’s children’s books, The Listeners and These Train Tracks, which include a 7 inch single featuring the band playing the text of the books, verbatim, in song form.

Micah wrote, illustrated, carved and printed both books. Their quirky, uplifting stories make for surprisingly strong, fun, songs.

I haven’t encountered a project of this kind before and am very eager to get my hands on hard copies of the books, which look great in the pictures. I’m equally excited to see what the band can bring to a live show. Bibliophiles, vinyl enthusiasts, music fans, and anyone looking for a departure from their normal Thursday can join me at the Tractior tomorrow niight to do just that.

The venue is 21 and over so you can’t bring your kids, but you should be able to pick up a couple new books for them while you’re out.

Breathe Owl Breathe (2012)In the meantime, head over Breathe Owl Breathe’s bandcamp page to listen the songs and peak at the artwork for the books.


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