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Preview: Which Band Will Augie Cross Off His List at Day 2 of the Capitol Hill Block Party?

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Logo for Seattle's 14th Annual Capitol Hill Block PartyI’m trying to find the best band to see at the Capitol Hill Block Party
on Saturday…the one artist I’ve never seen before, and shouldn’t miss while I have this golden opportunity.

That is, after all, the opportunity the Block Party affords to Seattle music fans – the chance to see dozens of great national bands, hip emerging acts and local standouts without leaving town.

I start from the top of the list, working my way down until it clicks: Handsome Furs. I’ve heard tons about this band, but never listened to their stuff.

I head over to Sub Pop’s website to see what I can find. The first song
is “Cannot Get, Started.” It sounds kind of like Beck at first, but with
more depth of subject matter and complexity to the vocals.

The next song,
“What we Had,” adds all kinds of different dimensions. A Beck rip-off
these guys clearly are not.

But can they pull this unique sound off live? Can the life and color I later heard on the band’s latest album, Sound
, be matched with that intangible kind of stage charisma that makes
a band truly great? Or will their performance sound just like their records do through my

Either way, I’m excited to see how the Montreal husband and wife duo pull it off. Even
if they get up and just push play on their recordings I’ll
be hard pressed not to dance.

It’s a shame that when they hit the stage
it will still be daylight out, though. Eclectic, kitchen-sink
electronic rock should be probably be consumed at night.

Follow along at  The Handsome Furs, mid role play

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