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Promote This: A Kid Named Paul on a Kid Named Thompson

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A Kid Named Thompson
I Want To Wake Up
Self-released, 2007
By Paul W. Richardson

A Kid Named Thompson brings to the collective rock table a uniquely Texas-punk meets emo-core CD that delivers the goods. I Want to Wake Up features quality production and thoughtful lyrics backed by a three piece that sounds like they’ve been around, although I suspect these Texas kids are new to the rock game.

The lyrics have the polish that reflects the agility of an Xbox generation eager to add to the already crowded room that holds Emo bands in the highest regard. I distinctly hear the talent and agility, but I also hear reflections of Sunny Day Real Estate arm wrestling with Motion City Soundtrack in the back-stage parking lot at a Van’s Warped Tour show in SoCal.

AKNT leans heavily on the instinct of brothers Jonathan and Joshua Harter to hold down the rhythm section as vocalist/guitarist Marc Molina nails take after take. Passionate, driven lyrics tend to focus on youthful relationships and disagreements.

One of my favorite cuts is “For now.” I feel the disenchantment of post-friendship as Molina wails, “For Now we’ll count down all the hours, your sweet has turned to sour for now.” Crafty word play is what this record has going for it, as I must admit the music sounds faintly familiar.

The highlight is “Fiction & Photography.” It is here that the band hits their stride, coupling chimey, pretty guitar over stellar drum fills and intimate lyrics. The song breaks out into all out bashing and deeply troubled vocals as Molina sings “I thought you said you understood, I thought you said that this will never end, oh, tear up all your pictures knowing doubt of what you thought this meant to me!”

I can only say that sadness is universal and we’ve all been there at some point. At least AKNT has taken these emotions and focused it into a an honorable first release. – (7/10)

Promote This is semi-regular feature wherein we close our eyes and reach in to the massive pile of unopened promotional CDs sent to or Seattle headquarters, grab a couple of random CDs, and review them. 

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