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Promote This: Kid Hendrix, Sleepology & Tides of Malice

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Promote This is a long-running feature wherein we write about songs and videos by emerging and unsigned bands. Send submissions to @nadamucho with hash tag #PromoteThis. This installment includes Kid Hendrix, Sleepology and Tides of Malice.

Kid Hendrix – “She Can Get It” (@HendrixIsAlive) 

Kid Hendrix swag on a trillion u mad when he in the cut & u ain’t even able 2 cut in u know what it is slime Hendrix the human embodiment of when French Montana exhales that endo purp smoke into a cup of that dirty Sprite he’s that #Grattata the yung god MC. Okay, that’s enough of that. Kid Hendrix looks up to Drake so, so much that he unabashedly apes almost every single style he’s cultivated over the years without the ear for pop-friendly replay value.  Not only is “She Can Get It” thoughtless, it’s straight up annoying. After nearly five and a half minutes, we still don’t have any idea who Kid Hendrix is as an artist, and that’s a problem. – Cameron Deuel

Listen to “She Can Get It”

Sleepology – “My Crimes” and “Hang On” (@Sleepologyrocks)

Sleepology hail from Port Huron, Michigan, and if their lyrics are any indication, it’s no Palm Beach. The uptempo, but not upbeat tune “My Crimes” from their new 9-song digital album Anxiety Island delivers overdriven keyboard sounds and 80s drum machine beats with clips of what sounds like video game bleeps, all backing slightly distorted vocals resulting in an interesting take on DIY dance music. The downtempo “Hang On” slows these cheesy keys down a few notches, with lyrics to match. Things seem hopeless for just about everybody at some point, and this song tells such a tale. Singer Ryan Miloch’s strained vocals may not be to everyone’s taste, but here’s a band indie pop fans should check out.  – Abe Beeson

Listen to “My Crimes”

Tides of Malice – “Rhodendron”

Rhododendron: is a listenable melodic “metal” song. The instrumentation and song structure sounds like that of seasoned veterans but it is not. If I had to guess from the band’s Facebook Cover photo not a single member is over the age of 21. The lyrics are chalk full of clichés and oft-used lines like “So when I die you can bury me far beneath the sea, let me rest in peace and fade a way” but in a way it comes off as a genuine tale of some demonic sailor instead of just a kid writing down some cool words down and then trying to formulate a song around them. If I have the opportunityto see Tides of Malice live I will and once there I will be the old guy head-banging to the heavy riffs but what I probably won’t do again is listen to Rhododendron on a Sunday afternoon. – TBASA

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