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Punched in the Face by a Rainbow: Rustie to Play Neumos

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Rustie @ Barboza
Tuesday, December 17, 2013
By June Woons
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Rustie continues to push the limits of conventional electronic music with his signature lush arpeggios and maximalist sensibilities, but his brand is not for everyone. Some connoisseurs are immediately turned off by the synthesizer swords that are sharp enough and will slash their last cilia. Others still revel in a challenging listen and are intrigued by how far that crystallized edge might go.

Somebody out there aptly likened his newest offering, Triadzz, to being punched in the face by a rainbow. I concur, and welcome any rainbow that dazzles in sweet gated reverb. It’s OK if your get- downs fair on the milder side, but you just might miss another future cult classic like this:

Rustie pushes air in Seattle on Tuesday, December 17th at Barboza. Local Dutty Wilderness of Beat Connection fame opens. Immerse yourself in the glitch and dance like you’re Uncle Rich.

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