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Recap and Photo Set: Second Still, Haunted Horses and Cold Showers @ Chop Suey

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Second Still, Haunted Horses and Cold Showers @ Chop Suey
January 23, 2018 in Seattle, Washington
Words and Photos by Andy Perkovich

Second Still

Starting this evening of music at Seattle’s Chop Suey was Second Still, a 3 piece band originally hailing from Brooklyn that now resides in Los Angeles. The group combines beautiful vocals, pounding 80’s synth beats, steady bass, and a reverb soaked guitar to take it’s listener on a dark and dreamy ride. Second Still released their solid s/t debut EP just last year. Worth picking up for fans of Siouxsie Sioux , Joy Division, or The Sound.

Haunted Horses

Haunted Horses are a force to be reckoned with. Thunderous drums and a guitar sound one might describe as ”perfectly organized chaos” are part of what makes the Seattle band a “must-see.” Tonight’s digital set was no different.  While Myke Pelly still brought along his drumkit, singer Colin Dawson left his guitar at home and focused on keyboard and vocal duties for the night.  They can be seen next on Feb. 2 at at The Black Lodge with supporting acts Glaare (LA), Fearing (S.F.), and Social Security.

Cold Showers

Cold Showers closed out the night with a slightly more somber tone. Also visiting from LA, the 3 piece band has a sound that would likely be categorized as “post-pop punk,” alongside groups like Echo and the Bunnymen and Interpol. Singer Johnathan Weinberg darkly crooned through their set, inviting Suki from Second Still to join in for a handful of songs. Due to release their second EP later this year, I can only hope we get the chance to see Cold Showers in Seattle again soon.

See more of Andy’s photos from this show on our Flickr page

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