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Review and Photo Gallery: The Beths @ Chop Suey

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The Beths @ Chop Suey
August 1, 2019 in Seattle
Words and Photos Rachel Bennett

If you scroll through the Facebook event of a sold-out show and see the comments of many people searching for tickets, it can inspire hope for the tenacity of the rock n’ roll music industry. While it sucks for the poor souls who waited too long to snag a ticket, it’s a positive indication that the band is doing well, and that they will have the money/support to tour again in the future.

This is especially exciting for an indie band like The Beths, who are touring outside of their home country. The New Zealand natives sold out Chop Suey in Seattle for their second-to-last show of their U.S. tour on August 1, and there’s no doubt they’ll be hitting a larger venue next time. Everyone was packed in close, buzzing with good spirits and excitement to see the band play their catchy tunes.

It’s no surprise that fans were clamoring to see The Beths live; they fill the stage with a whimsical, dry sense of humor and and pleasant energy. They are relatable, just another group of young people trying to figure out life and love- and the fans dig it. Not only that but all their songs are tight, with powerful pop guitar riffs and clever lyrics that get people dancing. The songs can stand alone, while also flowing together as a larger creative narrative.  

With strong opening support from Girl Friday (LA) and Ariel View (Ontario, CA), this show was not one to miss. All the bands were outspoken about their love and appreciation for each other while on tour, and the sense of community and compassion was overflowing the room. Another winning night for rock n’ roll music.

Check out more of Rachel’s photos from this show in this handy album on our Flickr page.

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