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Sasquatch 2010: See Our Sunday Twats

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Sasquatch 2010
Sunday, May 30

Ben’s full account of Sunday’s hot, hairy Sasquatch! action will be up tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s what he was blathering about over at

This is likely not the best picture taken at Sasquatch 2010Apparently "Whoomp, There it Is" is the official song for #sasquatch tailgate parties.

Long Winters end their set with the Grateful Dead’s "Touch of Grey." Weird. #sasquatch

Every They Might Be Giants song in this set sounds like it belongs in a Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. #sasquatch

This #sasquatch media center = heaven. A quiet, private area with clean bathrooms and snacks.

Holy smokes @subpop’s Avi Buffalo are some energetic young whippersnappers! #sasquatch


@theteganandsara are easily one of the best lesbian sister duos out there. #sasquatch 

Relaxing at the top of the amphitheatre with a group of Power Rangers, Wonderwoman and Spiderman. Seriously. #sasquatch

The xx crowd thinks they are at a Def Leppard show. Girls on shoulders, crowd surfing, and drunk fist pumping. #sasquatch

Somehow the subtlety of The xx album translates live. They are an arena-ready rock act. #sasquatch

No one wants to see Girls. They’re all headed to LCD Soundsystem. They are missing out. #sasquatch

OH: "I like Girls. It’s my Summertime jams. And it’s, like, summertime." #sasquatch

Huck & TomThe ex-drummer for Howlin’ Rain is playing in this live incarnation of Girls. #sasquatch

Pavement sounding beautifully loose and sloppy like it was 1995. At least until their set was stopped for technical difficulties. #sasquatch

Ten years later and Pavement’s Bob Nastanovich is still completely unnecessary #sasquatch 

Public Enemy tearing through Bring Da Noize on the Bigfoot stage. Yeaaahhhhh Boyeeeeee! #sasquatch

Overheard: "Flava Flav has two buses. One for travel, the other to carry his crack and clocks." #sasquatch

Insane dance party going down in the tent for Simian Mobile Disco’s DJ set. There’s even glow sticks!

Power Rangers and Other Sasquatch Super HeroesOH: (regarding #Sasquatch) "This is soooo much better than Folk Life!"   

Sorry Massive Attack, I like you, but have to beat the traffic getting out of here. #sasquatch

One more thing: Ironic moustache sightings were down 28% this year. #sasquatch

Just met Pavement/Sonic Youth’s Mark Ibold at Ellensberg bar "The Tav." Didn’t think this night could get any better. #sasquatch


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