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Sasquatch 2010: What Marika Overheard on Monday

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Sasquatch 2010
Monday, June 1

Synonym for Wake 'n Bake?The Sasquatch line-up on Monday was an amalgam of musical genres and inappropriate comedy designed to blow your fucking face off. Many reviewers focus on delivery, set-list, crowd response, and personal opinion, but sometimes fans give the most revealing reviews. Behold, the power of eavesdropping.

Morning Teleportation

"Why did I think these guys would be like My Morning Jacket? Maybe the word ‘morning.’"

"My acid-tripping uncle would fucking love these guys."

"I just used the word ‘groovy’ in my tweet. I blame this band."

"This is so not what I expected. It’s bouncy! Let’s get drunk."

Mayer Hawthorne


"Is he white or am I blind?"

"It’s like Isaac Hayes’ soul delivered through the lead nerd from Weezer."

The diminuative Todd BarrySeattle Rock Orchestra

"Okay, I thought this was going to suck. I will admit it does not suck."

"Fucking Arcade fucking Fire’s fucking Funeral! This is amazing. Fuck!"

"Why are there 12-year olds on stage? Does your mother know where you are?"

"I did not come here to listen to little ol’ lady music."

Todd Barry

"Saw this guy at Chop Suey and he’s really, really short."

Hudson Mohawke

"I hope Hud Mo does that song, Overnight. It’s about… I dunno, probably staying overnight somewhere. Wait, I don’t know what I’m talking about."

"God, I hate hearing pretentious people try and explain his music. It’s, like, unexplainable, yeah?"

"What kind of shit is this?"

"So complex! Scattered and brilliant."

"Um, he doesn’t even look old enough to legally get a lap dance."

Fresh Espresso

"Sick, sick, sick, and sick!"

"Wish their name was cooler. It just reminds me of Seattle’s city-wide stimulant addiction."

"Are we seriously seeing a Sasquatch proposal at a Fresh Espresso show? What, couldn’t wait for the romance of Ween?"

"Rik Rude raps like lightning strikes!"

Fresh Espresso: The Impressive Seattle Act with the Terrible NameThe Temper Trap

"I liked The Temper Trap until my mom was all, Oooh I like that song!"

"What a ridiculously smooth voice."

Passion Pit

"Passion Pit fans are passionate…ly annoying."

"I guess you have to wear sweaters in order to get anywhere in the music industry these days."

"Oh my god, Passion Pit is killing it."

"No, I would never describe them as ‘power pop.’ Though to be honest, I wouldn’t know how to describe them."

She & Him

"I just want her to forsake Ben Gibbard and run away with me. Is that so much to ask?"

"Wait, isn’t that the girl from Elf?"

"This music is fucking vegan. I can taste the lack of meat products from way back here."

"I dig this loved-up, pseudo-hippie shit."

"Her voice is getting some balls behind it, finally."

Band of Horses

Zooey preps for a role play with Ben"God, I love this band. God, I love this song."


"Does it seem weird that I’m the oldest person in the crowd? I’m only 22."

"What a crock. That’s a band of humans, not horses."

The New Pornographers

"Fucking gorgeous, every time."

"Did you really want to see this band because it had the word ‘pornographers’ in it? Of course you did, loser."

"Love this new stuff, love love love."


"Not a fan of this mellow shit."

"When are they going to play something upbeat? What the fuck is this?"

"I really hate that I hate their new album."

"That was fucking boring, but the end was totally worth it! Dance party!"


"Dear nostalgia for 1995: go fuck yourself."

"Dude, these old people are kind of rockin’. They’re giving serious energy."

"I like my Ween with a side of cheese."

"This is actually meeting and going beyond my expectations."

"Fucking WOOT, Ween! You fucking GO! This is classic!"

Boyz Noize

Hannibal, Donut"I really hate it when people misspell their band name or DJ handle on purpose. Sloppy English shouldn’t mix with good fucking music."

"This is infinity and beyond!"

"This show is blowing my mind through my asshole!"

"Deep fucking beats! I SAID DEEP FUCKING BEATS!"

"Giant bouncy balls, I’m high!"

Hannibal Buress

"Who the hell would name their child Hannibal?" 

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