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Sasquatch Preview: Grandpa Goes to the Gorge

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By Andy Bookwalter

An aged and rheumy-eyed punk puts on his Sans-A-Belt rock journalist pants and heads east. Last year the NadaMucho Music News Action Center Team consisted of three seasoned, grizzled veterans of countless shows, concerts and festivals. This year I was apparently the only one who whined loud enough, at the right time, so for 2014 the News Action Center Team is…me.

Unlike last year, there’s no one playing that makes me scream like a pre-teen girl when they hear that terrible song from Frozen, but there’s plenty of good stuff to help the music fan of advanced age wallow in the warm squishy mud of nostalgia. There are also lots of newer bands that I’m looking forward to seeing for the first time and a whole boatload of stuff I’ve never heard of. I plan on jumping feet first into the aforementioned boat.

Here are a few bands that better live up to the hype:

Die Antwoord: This group scares the hell out of me. On the other hand, the talent can’t be denied. South African Zev (the equivalent of poor white trash, South African Style)

Eugene Mirman: This comedian’s credits include Bob’s Burgers, Flight of the Conchords, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I think that nothing more needs to be said about Eugene Mirman.

Hobosexual: The lead sentence in the press release from Hobosexual’s publicist says “2 beards, 4 amps and more raw talent than Jesus”. If you’re like me, you’re saying to yourself “That’s too many beards and not enough amps, but,I keep making fun of two-person blues based hard rock bands, and they keep being awesome ((My Goodness, Grizzled Mighty (who are playing on Saturday night, a few hours after Hobosexual), etc.) I plan on seeing both.

Violent Femmes: Milwaukee’s finest have made nothing but great music for about 30 years, but trust me, their sophomore album Hallowed Ground is near perfect. All killer, no filler. They’ll play the hits, but hopefully they’ll pay respects to a great record.

Rodriguez: The new Nick Drake, but still alive to receive the accolades and respect he deserves. It’s an old story, recording a couple of brilliant albums in the 70’s which sold about eight copies, working construction in Detroit while becoming huge in South Africa without knowing it, then being the subject of a GREAT movie which resurrect your career. I mean, who hasn’t this happened to? The director of Searching For Sugarman, Malik Bendjelloul, sadly took his own life about a week ago, which should make for a bittersweet show.

I’m also looking forward to Bob Mould, Tacocat, Neko Case, and countless other acts. The funny thing about previewing a long-sold out show is that you either already have tickets or you ain’t getting them now, so keep up with me on Twitter at @nadamucho this weekend.

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