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Shaprece Gets Her Hustle On

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Timber! Outdoor Music Festival 2015 Preview
By Cameron Deuel
Photo by Brooklyn Benjestorf

Nobody has hustled as hard in Seattle’s music scene as Shaprece. Her name has graced the lineups of countless music festivals (including last weekend’s Sasquatch performance, pictured above), local shows, in-stores, and, now, the 2015 lineup for the mighty Timber! Festival.

The Seattle resident released her debut project, The Molting EP, last July and it became clear that the city has never truly had an artist like this before. Each song is constructed with elegant production techniques around Shaprece’s voice, which smoothly walks the line between soulful R&B and radio pop, but identifying as something else completely.

Where many of Shaprece’s peers tend to find their preferred style and rinse-repeat until they over-saturate their sound, each track by Shaprece reveals new pieces of her artistic spectrum.

Her recent performance at Sasquatch! provided a preview of what the Timber! Fest crowd can expect: a tightly organized show that doesn’t forget to showcase a fresh-minded young artist.

Make sure you buy your tickets before the price bump increase on June 1st!

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