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Sold! The Sunset Photo Mystery

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In this, the second installment of a new monthly series entitled “Matt Brown in Photo,” we feature a shot from the 2008 Noise for the Needy pre-party at the Sunset Tavern. It’s the last of five shots taken by Hilary Harris that night, and one that subsequently spent a considerable amount of time as Mr Brown’s profile picture back when we all still used MySpace.

What makes this shot timely in August 2010 is this: a copy of it was recently hung on the wall at the Sunset alongside other photos. Below it, there’s a sign that reads “Sold.”

Naturally, this has caused a great deal of uncertainty and consternation among the community.

“Did someone really purchase this photo?” “Who willingly purchases a picture that fatures Matt Brown’s nipples?” “Or is this just some sick joke by the Sunset bar staff?”

Fearing this local music mystery may go otherwise go unsolved, we’re offering two tickets to every show for the remainder of the year to anyone who provides information that leads us to answers. Drop hints to us over on Twitter at

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