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Staff Bio: Sean Oliver

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Let’s Talk About Sean Oliver, NadaMucho Writer

Name: Sean Michael Oliver

Weight: 225 lbs

Height: 6″3′

Sex: Some might call me a man

Likes: Cheeze puffs, soda, beer, chew, and smut.

Dislikes: Exercise, The WB, fruits and vegetables

Sean Now:

Sean is a college graduate who has been living in the Seattle area for about two years. He regularly goes grocery shopping and enjoys spending a quiet evening in front of the warm glow of a television. Sometimes he will go out with fellow Nada Mucho staff members when they hit the town. Later during evenings such as this Sean frequently talks about his feelings and his fears.

Sean’s Quirks:

Sean rarely listens to anybody. He has the unique ability to look directly into your eyes and not hear a word you are saying. Some think this ability was developed due to his deep seeded hatred towards the general populace. He also enjoys pacing and obsessively arranging his CD collection into alphabetical order.

Sean Oliver NadaMucho

Sean’s Ambitions:

Strangely, all he said when asked about this was, “To make you pay, to make you all pay.”

Little Known Facts About Sean:

It is believed that Sean had a bout of “dementia.” At one point he did not leave his house for a month except to purchase Big Gulps, and referred to a broken 3 iron as his only friend “Sticko.” During this time period he often sported a cape fashioned from one of his blankets.

He once shoved over 20 cheez balls into his mouth.

Does not like his image as a “sex” symbol. Would prefer to be known for his tight buns and boyish good looks.

Has an asexual crush on Antonio Banderas.

The Future:

Would like to be cloned so he could find somebody who really understands his needs.


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