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Starflyer 59: Old

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Starflyer 59
By Paul Hermann

Somewhere in Aliso Viejo, Calif there lies a band who’s name you may never heard muttered. And you certainly wouldn’t have guessed that Starflyer 59 (SF59) are a band that’s put out seven full-length albums, a box set and more EPs than even I can keep track of.

So who is this prolific band that you’ve never heard of? Why doesn’t anyone know about Starflyer 59?

I still ask myself these questions, but the answers really aren’t at issue right now. What is at issue is the band’s latest release, Old, which shows the religious rockers are still one of the best bands you’re not listening to.

SF59 play laid back rock music; never really going out of their way to show superior instrumental skill but rather writing catchy, melodic rock songs with delicate vocals and more layered keyboards than you thought possible.

Take the first track, “Underneath.” The song holds true to rock music standards with distorted guitar licks alongside drums and bass, but what really stands out is Jason Martin’s soft vocals mixed with the different keyboard tracks. The result is a very unique sound built with traditional tools.

That’s right folks, this is not some silly “power pop” band. SF59’s style is way more laid back, and their music tends to relax your whole body. This trend is captured throughout Old with songs like “Lights On,” which make you just want to sit down and absorb every note and melody that the band brings to the table.

My nomination a for sure single (but who listens to indie critics anyway?) is “New Wife, New Life” cause it just makes me hum along with the melody and nod my head with the drum beat. And on “Kissing Song,” Martin sings “the preasure’s on, a kissing song,” displaying an innocence I haven’t felt in rock in a long time.

SF59 are one of the best kept secrets in rock music today. I have been listening to them for years now and while they’ve consistently released solid music, they’ve never made an album as stellar as Old. Don’t let rock and roll’s best kept secret be a whisper anymore; rather help us shine the light on a group who deserves the spotlight. – (9/10)

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