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Introducing: STRNGRTHNGS

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Stranger Things? Stronger Thongs? Stringer Thangs?

If you ask how to pronounce the name of brand new Seattle band, STRNGRTHNGS, few would be able to tell you. Even the members jump around on which random vowel they want to use to describe their own band. What is definitely known about STRNGRTHNGS is that they’re formed from remnants of Seattle bands Out Like Pluto and The Lookout.

Andy and Jeremy from Out Like Pluto and Nick and Logan from The Lookout came together after their respective pop/rock/alt niche bands had their final concerts. They all wanted to take up a different niche with their new project and STRNGRTHNGS was born. Taking influences from sources as varied as U2, NIN, Jimmy Eat World and Anberlin creates a styling that’s wholly unique for the band.

There might be a little conflict of interest, as I’ve known the band’s drummer and producer, Andy, for almost 17 years. But this also means I know he can create some insanely good tracks. Heck, when we were in high school, he produced Quietdrive’s first EP from his basement, and he’s only gotten better with age.

So, musically, they’re bound to have some good chops and their only released song, “The Party is Over” is definitely decent. What excites me most about the project is the band’s dedication to putting on a tremendous show. Although they plan on playing smaller venues like the High Dive, they promise to bring “brash and bold experience of a stadium show.” Andy said the band worked equally hard crafting their music as they did on the audio visual equipment that will make for a unique, amped up night.

STRNGRTHNGS will have its premiere show tomorrow, December 5 at the High Dive in Fremont at 9 p.m. Opening for STRNGRTHNGS is American Island, with Peace Mercutio closing out the night with a farewell concert.

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