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Survival Knife’s Approach: Not Butt-Ugly

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Survival Knife – Loose Power 
By Ben Allen 

Stop what you’re doing, put down the bong and bottle of cheap tequila: the debut full-length from the phenomenal Survival Knife requires active listening and engagement.  Loose Power is an overwhelmingly beautiful juxtaposition of raw punk energy, prog-intellectualism and classic rock.

The recording feels most engaging during its extreme subtle moments and epic, brutal attacks. “Cut the Quick” chugs along fiercely until concluding with a two minute, graceful acoustic coda. “Roman Fever’s” outro is so heavy at times that it feels like stoner metal. First single “Fell Runner” is without a doubt the most instantly accessible of the album’s seven songs, with an infectious vocal on the chorus.

While comparisons to guitarists Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno’s influential ‘90s band Unwound are inevitable, Loose Power feels fresh, like welcoming home a dear friend after an extended period in rehab. There’s a new-found sense of accessibility embedded in Trosper’s previous abrasive approach. It’s not necessarily attractive, but also not butt-ugly. – (8/10)

In addition to being a long-time contributor, Ben Allen is the music editor for Savage Henry, a music and culture magazine in Northern California. 

Survival Knife play the Macefield Music Festival on Friday, October 3. 

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